Power Flush / Power flushing

Central heating repairs on occasions require a power flush to maintain the heating system in good running order. If you are experiencing central heating problems such as your boiler constantly going to lock out or running for a short time and shutting off it is possible you are in need of a power flush. During the power flush process the engineer will locate the best place to locate the power flush machine often the engineer will remove the pump or a radiator to gain access to the heating system. Once the power flush machine is connected up correctly chemical agents will be added to the central heating system so as to clean the system while flushing it out to ensure a clean central heating system on completion. When considering a power flush why not add a magna clean to your system, a magna clean will continue to collect the dirt in the system requiring minimum maintenance. We strongly advise installing this as it will cut down on boiler and central heating maintenance cost.

Powerflush or Power flsuhing FAQ's

Q - When do you need a power flush?
A - A power flush may be needed in the following occasions:

  • Central heating take a long time or is slow to heat up
  • Radiators are hot at the top and cold at the bottom
  • Rust in pipe work
  • Blockage in central heating pipe work
  • Damage to boiler components
Q - How long does it take?
A – As a rule of thumb it is best to allow for the whole day, on average it takes anywhere from 4 – 8 hours from start to completion.

Q - what do I need to know?

Central heating neutraliser
- The correct amount of neutraliser should be used and will be determined by the experienced engineer. The calculation is made in relation to the amount of radiators and cleaning agent used.
Central heating cleaning agent
The amount of cleaning agent used will be determined by the size and capacity of the heating system, when calculating this, the engineer will take into consideration the amount of radiators and the amount of dirt in the system in order to clean it effectively.
The labour cost will be in relation to the central heating size and capacity. Contact our team who are always happy to help.

Q - How much does it cost?
A - Contact the boiler guys either via email or phone for a simple no obligation quote, our price are always competitive. The price will be based on the individual central heating requirements.

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