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We offer free advice to all gas safe engineers. Gas safe id may be required all gas work must be conducted by a gas safe engineer. We do not recommend any one works on any gas appliance without the correct accreditation. Contact us via our contact us page.

Boiler systems

Most common heating and hot water systems in the UK

  • Combination boiler systems
  • Conventional heating
  • unvented hot water
  • system boilers or heat only boilers

Central heating systems identification

Combination boilers - all combinations boiler offer central heating and hot water services, no storage are required. Conventional heating system - all of these systems comes with a cold water storage tank, fe tank for your central heating and a hot water cylinder. unvented hot water - The are many different type of these on the market currently the leading distributor is mega flow, to work on these systems please ensure you have your unvented systems card up to date. See gas safe for details. System boilers -System boilers can be used to have many functions, it can be used in a seal system, which is an upgrade to the conventional system or as part of a mega flow system unvented cylinder.

Frequently asked questioned

Q - How often should I fill my central heating system up? A - There is no correct answer but on average about once or twice a year anything more than that and you have a leak somewhere on the system either it is a boiler fault or a leak on the heating. We have expert heating plumbers available 24 hours a day.

Q - How do I know when my system needs filling up A - most combination or system boiler have a pressure gauge or indication system simply check and see that it is either around 1.5 bar or in the green zone. In some occasions your boiler may require attention try our boiler repair engineers

Q - My boiler keeps losing pressure what should I do? - franky, London A - you have one of two problem either a boiler problem or heating system leak. If it is a boiler fault it most likely to be a faulty pressure relief valve or faulty expansion vessel. If it is a leak on the heating side you will need to find it to repair it or re run all the central heating pipe work, alternatively you could just contact a heating plumber.

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